Эн провалил прослушивание на роль в ‘Reply 1997’

Сегодня Эн был гостем на SBS Power FM’s Two O’clock Escape. Он участвовал в розыгрыше сцены-миниатюры ‘Reply 1997’. Позднее Эн сообщил, что его игра в общем-то всех устроила, но роль он не получил из-за своего произношения.

[NEWS] VIXX’s N Failed His Audition for ‘Reply 1997’ Because of His Accent

It looks like VIXX N was another idol group member who tried out for tvN’s Reply 1997 but failed.
On February 25, N appeared as a guest on SBS Power FM’s Two O’clock Escape with BTS’ Rap Monster and ToppDogg’s Sangdo.
The three idols played out a skit with Cultwo, in which N’s character was from the Gyeongsang-do province.
N later revealed that he actually tried out for Reply 1997 in the past, but failed to get a role because of his accent.
He explained that he tried out for the role of Kang Joon Hee, who was later played by Infinite’s Hoya.
“The staff liked that I fit the character’s image, but I failed the audition because of my accent.”

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